About - www.RezaMirzai.com

Based in Washington, DC, I specialize in photographing architecture and landscape.

Passionate about natural and built environments, I'm living through a very rewarding photographic journey. Whether I spend a day in nature, capturing our beautiful earth to produce fine art prints or I spend  my time capturing beautifully built environments for clients, I feel so fortunate to be enjoying what I do.

Getting to work with so many architects, designers, developers and commercial clients during the past 20 years has been so rewarding and the basis for my development as a commercial  architectural photographer. Understanding the construction industry intimately throughout the years has led me through this tremendous photographic experience.

The methodical approach to architectural photography in capturing the essence of every project and to be able to relay the architect's intent through my photographs is a unique feeling. I strive each and every day to achieve that principle while building long lasting relationships.

Please have a look around the site and get a feel for the quality of my photographs. Let's then talk about your photography needs and how I can capture the essence of your projects.

Please contact me by email through the contact page on this site or calling me directly at 703.728.9616.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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