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Manhattan Skyline Panorama

Wednesday January  7, 2015

Most people who have visited New York City would agree that it is indeed an amazing place. In every aspect, from the sheer size of the buildings to the hustle and bustle on the streets to just being a city with its' own attitude. To say that it's a unique place unlike any other city in the world would be an understatement.

We decided to visit the city for a couple of days this past Christmas and we were lucky the weather was just fabulous for that time of year. Although I always have my photography gear during vacations and who doesn't; I usually don't take the heavy gear. I also like to think that when I'm on vacation with my family I shouldn't act like  those photographers who make their families miserable by turning the family vacation into a photography trip.

But when I get a chance (like when the rest of the family is in the hotel resting for a couple of hours after a long day of walking around the city) I'll get out to grab a few shots.

This panorama is a result of a 50 shot (5 exposure bracketing x 10 pans) composite of lower Manhattan. I was standing at one of the new piers (Pier 2 to be exact) on the Brooklyn side (adjacent to the Brooklyn Bridge Park). The whole thing took roughly about 20 minutes which included setup time , adjusting, etc. while the quick setting of the late December sun was making me really nervous.

On paper, canvas or even metal this panorama can be printed in full resolution.

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